Thursday, October 25, 2007

Accepting me

I have been part of this stereotype for as long as I can remember, but what's even funnier is that it carries over to the Christian "saved" side as well. We're led to believe that because we're not healed that maybe our faith is not strong enough. There is "still" sin in our lives (John 9). Maybe we need to go to a healing crusade, then I'll be alright. That is the reason many physically challenged people don't continue in the faith. Somehow, "normal" Christians are led to believe that because we're not "normal" like they are, we would be considered as second class Christians (sounds like the world to me), but the truth is that there is no where in the Bible that can confirm this observation. God is a sovereign God, which means simply - He does what He wants when He wants, with whom He wants. God is God and we're not.

I stutter. I have a monobrow. I am ugly. But i love God. I am who I am. I accept it. Not graciously sometimes, but at least i have all my limbs, despite my limp, but i am me and i am happy.